• Becky Kyhl

So Much for Healthy

Working at the Art on the Plaza Gallery last week, I decided that I really need to eat better. I mean really…two months ago I bought an apple, that counts doesn’t it? Some of the artists here talk about dehydrating vegetables, growing kale, market baskets of food, drinking kombucha, more beans and legumes, etc etc. Well, I can do that, so I buy some fresh Brussels sprouts, kale, an avocado and a bag of lentils that I stored in its own jar in the cupboard with all my other seeds and nuts from my Covid sourdough days.

Stop I just made a sale Stop. Yes, I’m writing at the Gallery. Have you seen our new remodel?

At home I wash the kale, tore it into pieces and even gave it a little massage with oil (you know to make it more tender). Cut up the sprouts (why did I buy these?), some yellow pepper, some fresh tomatoes, slice the avocado, throw in some cheese, some leftover chicken and toss with some Avocado Ranch dressing from Simple Nourished. Toss Toss Toss, ophs … forgot my favorite…sunflower seeds. After a generous amount of the seeds on my salad, I... oh no …. OH MY GOSH! I grabbed the lentils instead of the sunflower seeds….. gosh dang, they are the same color!

Well, that can’t hurt, (all that protein will be good), so Toss Toss Toss! With my latest book, I sit at the table, fork in hand, first bite and OH MY GOSH, I broke a tooth on those dang lentils. Standing up, I dumped the entire salad in the compost and began to assess my tooth damage. GEEEEZZZ.

Still hungry, I visit my drive though friends, and they ask, “do you want fries with that?” Through my lisp, I say “yes”!

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