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Maine, Accents and a Silk Blog

My niece, Kim and I have had some exciting traveling adventures… Spain, Balearic Islands, Puerto Vallarta, Oaxaca, Mexico City and Maine. All delightful, fun and safe adventures…. And the local people are the most fun to get to know. One day in Maine we took a road trip up north along the coast to see more Down East. Now Maine is known for its rugged, rocky beautiful inlets and open bays. In a small town along the ocean there were a couple of pickup trucks with hand painted signs selling their fish. I’m very dubious about my fish, (after all, if it’s not from Culver’s… is it really fish?) but Kim was going to check it out. A very old gentleman, about my age, ambled out of the red pickup truck.

“Nice cah,” he says.

“Yep.” we say, “it’s a rental.”

“Ayuh, mine’s justa beetah.”

Kim says, “Got any smoked mackerel?”

He says, “Nah, but I got some quahog and steamers? From away?” he asks.

“Yes”, we say “Iowa and California.”

So, we are following the accent pretty well, each of us with a little grin inside. He rabbles on & we are totally enjoying this Down East local experience.

… Until …

“Ayuh, my dawter and her new man are moving to California. He’s working construction and she’s an iren.”

We both say, “an iren?”

“Ayuh, an iren... am mighty proud.”

Dang, he lost both of us, an iren??? An iren, I say to myself, “Is she from Iran or what?”

We press further, “oh, ok, what is she again?”

The old fisherman says, “an iren. Took her a long time to get it, but she did.”

Scratching our inner brains, we gain say, “Now, what’s an iren?”

He responds, “You know, an iren … an iren in a hospital!”

Ahhh, oh, yes, a RN.

Off we go with our fish, yummy, even though it wasn’t deep fat fried North Atlantic Cod and served in a blue and white package. Time was up with Kim in Acadia National Park and I’m dropped off in Belfast, Maine where many of my SILKIES were gathered for a week of silk painting. In our workshop I was quickly inspired to paint the Maine coast. Using dyes, wax and a thickener (sodium alginate), the dark wet rocks, intense marine blues and tumultuous skies near nightfall were captured on silk. And often, I remember and giggle about the very old gentleman and his dawter, the iren.

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