I am a retired educational audiologist enjoying life in rural Forest City with my husband, Mike. We have four wonderful granddaughters who kept Grandma busy sewing, knitting and crocheting for many years.

Some say “art is life”; in my experience, life has shaped my artwork. Before I started making the big bucks in education, I used art to create gifts for loved ones. Then came the art of parenting and completing hearing evaluations with active preschoolers. When my daughter went off to college, it was time for reflection in poetry and thread crochet. (I had no idea how much free time folks without kids have.)

My active, outdoorsy mom sparked my interest in gemstones and wire wrapping. I was visiting her near Quartzsite, Arizona. An amazing adventure began when I found all those shops with fossils and gemstones! I bought rocks. I bought tutorials and books. I bought wire. I watched so many you-tube videos. And I practiced. Then I practiced some more. The options are many stones and crystals…all the colors and textures….all the shiny metals to shape in the patterns of my choice. I've been exploring and playing like a kid. It feels great! 


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