Functional Fiber

Linda is a  graduate of University of Northern Iowa  with a BA in both Special Education and  Elementary Education.  She began her over-three decade  teaching career in the Mason City Community Schools, retiring in 2006.  Originally from Cedar Falls, and a proud farmer’s daughter, Linda’s creativity and artistry was born in the 50’s and sparked by growing up in the country.  Linda learned a great deal from her creative parents and Grandmother.  With desire to execute her ideas, she embraced their teachings learning to knit, crochet, sew and create something from nothing  at a young age.  Her skills and creativity only grew over the years and led to her curiosity about the technique of felting with  100% wool. That fascination resulted in her present focus on textiles and fiber. All of Linda’s creations are unique, functional and a little whimsical and created under her Functional Fiber label.  Linda resides in Clear Lake with her husband, John, their dog, Ole, and two cats, Gus and Opie,  all rescues.  She is the proud mother of two adult sons and stepmother of three adult sons and a grandmother of eight.  Always delighted to share her passion and artistry, she has shown/sold her works in North Iowa art galleries, art shows and has taught classes on knitting and felting for over twenty years.


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