Wood Fired Ceramics

I create one-of-a-kind wood fire pottery. Very sculptural. My pottery represents my personal view of the world around me. I enjoy using fluid organic shapes that remind me of what water does to a rock after many years of tumbling along in a river, or what a bird looks like as it strikes a pose along a shoreline. I can't help but feel what the wind does to the surface of water when I am working with clay in my studio. I focus on shape and form first, then add subtle color when I fire in my kiln, using the ash from the wood and very small touches of glaze to continue the lyrical and flowing qualities of the bowls, platters and dancing vases that I enjoy making. I like to fire at high temperatures for 50-60 hours because of the effects of the ash that land on and then melt on the pottery, giving each piece it's own signature from the kiln.


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