Fused Glass

 I started my adventure in fused glass and mosaics after deciding to go on a “passion quest” at the age of 50.  I wanted to try new things that interested and challenged me.  My love of color, shapes, light, fire, nature, and chemistry led me right to kiln and torch work with glass.  Inspiration can come from an unusual shape, something growing in the garden, or just watching the way something moves in a breeze.

In fusing, I get to design and create from my ideas or feelings, usually using specialty glass, paint, and metals.  I can control the texture and/or shape of a final piece through the use of different types of kiln firing or through the glass used.  Typically, fusers use glass specifically designed to “play nice” together in the kiln, although even window glass can be fused.  

I particularly like working with glass that is reactive (for example, combining a glass that contains lead with a glass that contains selenium together and watching the reaction they create with each other in the kiln).

Working in mosaics gives me the opportunity to combine glass (fused or not) and other materials together to express an intention, an idea, or an experience.

I have been lucky enough to study with some of the most respected and talented glass artists in the country, and have learned so much from them.  I continue to take classes so that I can incorporate new elements, strategies, and ideas into my work.