Tim and I have both been in the jewelry business in Mason City since 1990.  We met at Gem City College in Quincy, Illinois, and have been sharing jewelry insights and making jewelry together ever since.  Some of our designs are created independently and others are collaborations.  I am a strong fabricator, which means I like to work directly in metal to sculpt and form and solder to create the design.  Tim is an excellent gemstone setter, so when you see a piece with a complex setting job, it is a pretty good bet that Tim did that part.  Many of our designs are created in 14k gold, sterling silver, and genuine gemstones, but recently we’ve branched into some new techniques using alternative metals, such as copper or niobium.  As we rarely repeat a design, we are constantly working to think outside the box.  Each of our pieces is signed by either Tim or I, and we like to think of them as tiny pieces of art that you can take with you to wear and enjoy.



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